The Revengers' Comedies (1989)

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World Premiere: 13 June 1989
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough
London Premiere: 16 / 17 October 1991
Venue: Strand Theatre, London

Play Number: 37
Published: Samuel French, Faber
Other Media: Film; radio

Short Synopsis: A play in two parts (considered to be a single play) about two suicidal strangers, Karen and Henry, who meet on London's Albert Bridge where they agree to swap revenges. Karen proves psychotically efficient at taking 'her' revenge, whilst Henry falls in love with the object of 'his' revenge, much to Karen's chagrin who insists they have a deal to keep no matter the cost….

Amateur: Apply to Samuel French.
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"The greatest feeling in the world, Henrybell. Revenge. Pure, unadulterated revenge. Not weedy little jealousy. Not some piddling little envy. But good, old fashioned, bloodcurdling revenge."